Celebrity life is everyone’s dream, but few people will get the name and fame. So, the Glu Mobile presents the game known as Kim Kardashian Hollywood. Here the player needs to become a celebrity with the help of Kim Kardashian. It is a role-playing game which the player needs to perform.

For becoming a celebrity, all the players are needed to buy some outfits and resources. Through this, it requires such cash which the gamer needs to earn. If he/she is not able to receive then take the help from kim k cheats. It is a kind of tool which is used for gaining unlimited cash without putting any efforts.


As we all know that currencies play an essential role in maintaining the game. These are:


The stars are a hard currency, which is very difficult to earn because the players are required to perform several challenges, and after that, they will get the single stars. If the player has completed the task effectively, then he/she will get 5 stars. Through this, gamers like to buy the stars from real money.


Money is a soft currency that is easy to earn. You can obtain it by managing the jobs and completing the task on time. It is also essential for you to buy several resources. So try to earn as much as you can.


It is a premium currency in the game. Whatever the task player is going to perform, he/she needs the energy first. As the level boosted, the gamer will get some energy. Moreover, one can use cheats and hacks for several energy.

Thus, these are the three main currencies of the game that a player needs to collect. Try to earn these at a higher rate for the welfare of the game.