A schedule in which one includes a healthy diet, good night sleep, maintaining hygiene, and some physical workout is enough to live a healthy life. Besides, social interaction, managing anger & stress, and laughter also help in attaining a tasty and healthy lifestyle. Vegan Nutrition is often considered as the healthiest diet, but some vegans drop out the nutrient which gets them trapped in horrifying issues! Find out what nutrients you are deficient of and start taking them today!

A young blond woman in the supermarket is looking for some fruits
  • Deficiency of vitamin B12: mostly one gets vitamin B12 from animal products like liver. Plant products are not rich in B12. Lack of B12 can cause neurological damage and anemia.
  • Deficiency of protein: it can affect your cardiovascular system and restrain the natural growth of the body, so better start taking bean and legumes in your diet regularly.
  • Deficiency of calcium: it can cause weakening bones and muscles. Normal calcium can also be the reason behind the kidney stones. Good source of calcium is milk products and leafy veggies every day.
  • Deficiency of iron and iodine: iron deficiency are mostly seen in non-vegans, so you are probably safe; still it is advised to consume leafy veggies lie spinach to be iron sufficient.
  • Deficiency of iodine: it results in goiter! Sea vegetables and iodized salt will help you out here!

Lastly, some vitamins need to be taken care of! These can be found in certain fruits, other than that you can take pills suitable for specific vitamins.