The currency is the most important part of the game. The resources are beneficial in performing numerous activities in an easy way. If we talk about the WWE Mayhem then it includes two types or currencies those are cash and gold. The cash is the simple or primary currency of the game by which players are able to do basic things like – upgrade or buy the characters. The gold is the premium currency which can be used in buying different types of rare items from the in-game store. The collection of both types of resources is not an easy task but with WWE Mayhem Cheats 2020 it’s imposible. For it, players are required to follow the guidelines of the game properly.

Different types of freebies provided by game

When you are playing the game then numerous options appear in front of you related to currency collection. Some of them are free ways, for those players are not required to put any type of effort or play any match. These ways are including bonuses or free loot cases provided by the game. The game is including different level of loot case. When anyone unlocks it then any game related item may appear on it. There are different types of opportunities and situations appear in front of players. Following are some –

On daily basis – the players receive a free loot case on the daily basis which is filled with any type of item. With it, players may get an upgrade or a new and powerful wrestler from this particular one. It is completely depending on the luck of players.

Hourly basis – a loot case is provided by the game after few hours. From these specific cases, the players are able to get health points or the beneficial things those help them in boosting the performance. For claiming the reward from these cases, players need to keep patience and wait for 4 hours after claiming a case.

For unlocking and claiming the reward from loot cases, players need to visit the loot tab. All types of cases are available here.

Daily log in – if the players log in their account on daily basis then they are able to receive some additional rewards. It is increased with the number of continuous or regular log-ins.

You should claim the free rewards only daily basis. Many players forget to claim them and they lose the opportunity to boost the collection of resources.